October 23, 1942: On this day, MaryAnn Graf, the first female winemaker in California’s modern industry was born. Graf, like Weinberger, was a trailblazer, often regarded as California’s first female winemaker when Prohibition ended.

October 23, 2001: On this day, the wine law was changed to allow wine committees to establish regionally distinctive wines by adding the abbreviation DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus) to the name of the wine-producing region. After being examined for the federal control number and typicity, only these wines were permitted to have the origin of the specified growing region (for example, Weinviertel) on the label. The general wine-growing region’s name (for instance, Niederösterreich) was to be used for the marketing of all other wines.

October 23, 2021: On this day, Lefkadia Valley Winery received the Iter Vitis award for having the most innovative wine museum. The south of Russia and specifically the Caucasus is an ideal place to produce wine. It is the site where Lefkadia, one of the most renowned wineries in Russia, concentrates its activity.

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