October 12, 2005: On this day, a warehouse fire in Vallejo, California, damaged vintage wine valued at millions of dollars. According to reports, there were 6 million bottles kept there. Shortly thereafter, investigators announced that the fire had been set on purpose. Mark Anderson, a Sausalito businessman, was suspected of causing the fire and in 2009 he was found guilty of arson (among 18 other crimes). On February 7, 2012, Anderson was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

October 12 2010: On this day, JamesSuckling.com website was founded. JamesSuckling.com is the culmination of my four decades as a journalist and wine critic. The blog is about the best wines in the world, like those from Italy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Australia, New Zealand, California, Chile, and Argentina. It has tasting notes, videos, blogs, and events

October 12, 2016: On this day, Willcox AVA was finally certified in the state of Arizona after being announced on the 12th of September of the same year. The region is bordered largely by mountains and is one of the primary viticultural areas in Arizona.

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