November 29, 1920: The Soviet Union invaded Armenia as part of the Sovietization of the First Republic of Armenia. The invasion was carried out by the 11th division of the Red Army from Soviet Russia. Under Soviet rule, many traditional Armenian grapes were shunned in favor of grapes that could produce brandy. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Armenia has seen a resurgence in interest in winemaking, and the number of local varietals has once again bloomed.

November 29, 1989: On this day, Georgia Panagopoulou was born. She is an Instagram celebrity (@wine.gini) and digital wine marketer who studies and experiences wine all over the world. At the National Technological University of Athens, she studied chemical engineering. Panagopoulou traveled to 29 places on five continents while pursuing her Master’s degree in Wine Management. She currently resides in Athens, Greece.

November 29, 2011: On this day, St Helena, CA, Napa Valley Vintners (NVV), a non-profit trade organization that represents more than 420 wineries in the appellation, made the announcement that the government of Thailand has granted Geographic Indication (GI) designation to Napa Valley. Because of this classification, the American wine area will be protected against the misuse of its name on wine labels that are marketed in Thailand.

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