November 26, 1818: On this day, a German chemist, Freiherr von Babo was born. Babo was the child of agronomist Karoline Ehrmann and chemist Lambert Joseph von Babo. August Wilhelm von Babo, an oenologist, was his half-brother. After graduating from high school, Babo pursued a medical degree at the Universities of Heidelberg and Munich. He received his doctorate from Heidelberg in 1842. He received his habilitation from Freiburg am Breisgau in 1845, and the following year he began studying chemistry at Gießen under Justus von Liebig. In Klosterneuburg, Freiherr von Babo established the first viticulture and enology school and research facility. It was placed under state administration in 1874, and since 1902, it has been known as the Federal College of Viticulture, Oenology, and Fruit Growing (Haupte Lehranstalt für Wein- und Obstbau). The monarchy saw the establishment of numerous institutions like this one. Babo also established von Babo’s law, which quantified the vapor pressure of water. Additionally, he created the Babo funnel, which bears his name, for heating glass flasks. This is made up of a sheet steel inverted cone stump with asbestos strips placed radially on the interior wall.

November 26, 1855: On this day, an internationally diverse crowd gathered in South Park, San Francisco to celebrate the Allied victory in the Crimean War and conquest of Sevastopol’s Malakoff Fortress by the British and French forces. The subsequent drunken riot is described in detail by an archived article from the San Francisco Gate, as there were “‘2,500 bottles of claret placed upon the tables before the company was seated; besides, we noticed a large quantity held in reserve for further necessities. Champagne, ale, porter and lager beer were equally abundant'” (San Francisco Gate).

November 26, 1910: On this day, the VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter) was established as the VDNV (Verband Deutscher Naturweinversteigerer). It was established to bring all regional wine associations together. Later, the association would create a categorization scheme and an emblem for its wine members.

November 26, 1982: On this day, Loramie Creek AVA was established in Shelby County, Ohio.

November 26, 2011: Douro wine of Portugal attained the geographical indication in India on this day

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