24th November Every Year: On this day, Wines of Chile launched #Carmenere Day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Carmenere’s rediscovery.

November 24, 1713:On this day, Father Junipero Serra was born in Majorca, Spain. Father Serra was a missionary of the Franciscan order. Aside from his religious work, he is credited as the first person to plant grapes in California, beginning the now significant culture of Californian winemaking. Serra’s religious legacy has become controversial due to his role in the violent subjugation of the indigenous population.

November 24, 1720: Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou, France, was established during this time. It derives its name from the stunning (and sizeable) stones prevalent across the land that produces such exceptional wine. This Victorian-style chateau in Bordeaux is constructed immediately on top of the barrel cellars, a novel architectural choice for the city.

November 24, 1982: On this day, Suisun Valley AVA was certified in California. As one of the early waves of Californian appellations, this Viticultural Area has a respected history of winemaking.

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