November 23, 1221: On this day, Alfonso X of Castile was born. From May 30, 1252, until his passing in 1284, Alfonso X reigned over Castile, León, and Galicia. He was chosen by a rebellious faction to rule Germany starting on April 1 at the election of 1257. He is credited for bringing the Sherry grape varietal to southern Andalusia. The term Sherry is said to have originated from Sherez from the Arabic settlement at Seris. In any case, Afonso X of Castile established vines there in 1265, producing wines besides sherry as we know it today. Fundamentalists objected to wine manufacturing because religious observances were not sufficiently upheld.

November 23, 1982: On this day, Nick Mills, owner of Rippon Vineyard, was born. The New Zealand winery Rippon Vineyard has been family-run since its founding and focuses on sustainable and land-centered approaches to farming.

November 23, 1834: On this day, James Thomson was born. He was a Victorian poet who wrote the poem “The Wine of Love.” He used the pseudonym Bysshe Vanolis for his writing.

November 23, 1990: On this day, the prototype wine yeasts developed using genetic engineering through a transformation with specified genes carried on a DNA plasmid. This method is known as transformation. The unique genes bestowed clear markers, which made it possible to assess the efficacy of the injection in an uncomplicated manner.

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