November 18, 1095: On this day, the Council of Clermont was held, which marked the beginning of withholding the cup from the laity. The withholding was done to prevent instances where people would carry the elements in superstitious ways. Ecclesiastics and ordinary Catholics gathered at Clermont, Auvergne, then a part of the Duchy of Aquitaine, for the Council of Clermont, which was summoned by Pope Urban II. On November 27, Pope Urban issued a call to arms that would eventually lead to the First Crusade, the conquest of Jerusalem, and the founding of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. This was Urban’s response to the Council of Piacenza’s appeal for military aid from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus against the Seljuk Turks. There are several reports of the speech that have survived; however, Fulcher of Chartres’ account, who was present at the council, is considered to be the most trustworthy.

November 18, 1820: On this day, John Croft, a wine merchant died. He was the fifth child born in Stillington, North Yorkshire, to Stephen Croft (1683-1733) and his wife Elizabeth Anderson, a descendant of Sir Edmund Anderson, 4th Baronet. He traveled to Oporto, where the Croft family had links, and engaged in the wine trade there. Although it’s possible that Vinho Verde was exported to England, Germany, and Flanders as early as the 12th century, Croft was the first to note large exports to England, which happened in 1788.

November 18, 1987: Sierra Foothills AVA was established. As the name suggests, this AVA is located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With a total area of 2.6 million acres, it is one of the biggest and stretches from Mariposa County in the south to Yuba County in the north. The AVA’s key grapes include Syrah, Zinfandel, and Barbera.

November 18, 2021: On this day, before the end of 2021, Kickapoo Creek Winery decided to permanently close. According to Catie Doerr, general manager of the winery, the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic on the wine industry were too much for Kickapoo Creek to handle. “Our business, in my opinion, was predicated on (special) events. That is how much money the business makes, “She spoke with the Journal Star.” I believe that changed after COVID. Events don’t come as frequently as they formerly did.”

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