November 17, 1780: This month, the first paper wine bottle label was printed in Germany. The lithographic printing method made it possible to manufacture miniature labels in large numbers that had all of the necessary information to identify the wine by the place it was produced, the sort of wine it was, and the winemaker.

November 17, 1890: On this day, Maximiano Errázuriz died. Maximiano Errázuriz Valdivieso was a politician, businessman, and winemaker from Chile with Basque ancestry. Maximiano Errazuriz was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1832. He was the son of Francisco Javier de Errázuriz y Aldunate and Rosario Fernández de Valdivieso y Zaartu (the sister of Archbishop Rafael Valentin Valdivieso). Before moving to Valparaiso, Chile, which at the time was one of the country’s and South America’s major ports, Maximiano Errazuriz attended school in Santiago. There, he met Amalia Urmeneta Quiroga, the daughter of José Tomás Urmeneta, the richest man in the nation, who would become his wife. Amalia was 18 years old and Maximiano was 22 when they tied the knot in 1855. He purchased some land in Panquehue, a little village in the Aconcagua Valley, north of Santiago, and established a vineyard there in 1870, once more imitating his father-in-law. In total, 300 hectares of Panquehue were planted by Maximiano Errazuriz. According to information accessible at the time, his son Rafael later increased the plantings to 700 hectares, making the Errazuriz vineyard the biggest vineyard in the hands of a single person in the whole world.

November 17, 1991: On this day, the topic of the French Paradox was discussed in the episode of the American television show 60 Minutes that aired on November 17. This resulted in a significant rise in the amount of attention paid to the positive effects of red wine‘s moderate consumption on one’s health. It rapidly resulted in about one-third of the amount of red wine sold in the United States.

November 17, 2005: Mae Chan Winery gained its geographical indications (GI) protection products in Chiang Rai, Phetcha Bun on this day. Mae Chan winery uses varieties such as Shiraz, Dornfelder, Tempranillo, and many other varieties supplied globally.

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