November 12, 1917: On this day, The Eighteenth Amendment, sometimes known as the Prohibition Amendment, was presented to the states by Congress with a time limit of seven years for their consideration; this was the first amendment to include such a provision.

November 12, 1918: On this day, the wineries around the region subjected the sale of wine to the California Wine Alliance. The California Wine Alliance was the organization that took the lead in driving sales of wine and clearing out the available wine inventory. In the months leading up to the end of Prohibition, the significant wineries of the time, such as Greystone, Brun and Chaix, and De Turk, concentrated on selling off their inventory via the California Wine Alliance.

November 12, 1993: On this day, in Indonesia, alcoholic drinks were placed in a category of businesses prohibited from receiving new investments. The terms “closed business fields” and “specific closed business fields” will be used to refer to prohibited business sectors from being commercialized via investment activities.

November 12, 2009: On this day, Bosman Family Vineyards was an accredited Fairtrade producer in winemaking.

November 12, 2021: On this day, The Story of Wine: From Noah to Now was published. This edition of the book by the popular wine expert Hugh Johnson narrates the history of wine not as part of a story, but as a collection of many since it is evident that the history of wine is varied and with many circumstances. Through the millennia, it delves into the making, merchandising, and drinking of wine throughout the chronicles of humanity, encompassing the mysteries, cultures, and art behind this drink.

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