November 11, 1215: On this day, the 4th, Council of the Lateran took place. This was a very important part of the sacramental wine history as it is during this time that the formal explanation of the mysterious transformation of wine into the blood in the Eucharist was made. According to the Council, the changes are enabled due to the power of God.

November 11, 1938: On this day, Justin Meyer was born. He began as an ordained monk with the Christian Brothers and taught high school Spanish, at which time he was apprenticed to a winemaker. He then left the Christian Brothers and eventually became a full-time winemaker through his vineyard with Ray Duncan, Silver Oak. He passed away in 2002.

November 11, 2004: On this day, San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival was established. Produced by World of Wine Events, LLC, the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival is an international exhibition of wine and spirits, gourmet cuisine, and chefs and culinary celebrities. Participants can engage in wine tastings from 170 wineries, breweries, and spirit booths, take cooking workshops, and sample food from celebrity chefs and local eateries. Since 2004, the event has taken place in November every year except 2020. Co-producers Ken Loyst and Michelle Metter founded the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival in 2004. The American Institute of Wine & Food’s San Diego culinary arts scholarship programs benefit from the auction’s proceeds. The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 led to the 17th annual event being postponed to 2021.

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