May 4, 1353: Serego Alighieri estate was founded on this day. The estate boasts the oldest cultural and viticulture legacy in all of Valpolicella. The Serego-Alighieri family has passed down their passion for winemaking from generation to generation. As a result, they have create world-renowned vintages in the region that they call home.

May 4, 1794: On this day, George Calvert Yount was born. After being given a land grant in Rancho Caymus, making him the first settler in all of Napa Valley, he started planting grapes. He later started producing wine in the 1850s. Therefore, he is considered the pioneer of Napa Valley’s wine culture. The Californian town of Yountville bears his name.

May 4, 1945: On this day, Allied infantry captured Berchtesgaden as a maneuver to corner Nazi higher-ups. As a result, they discovered hundreds of thousands of bottles of looted wines, champagnes, liquors, and more. The contents of Reichmarshall Hermann Goering’s cellar in particular was distributed amongst allied troops.

May 4, 1953: On this day, Orlando and Yalumba imported pressure fermentation tanks with refrigeration from Germany to regulate the pace of fermentation to produce fresh white wine and tank-fermented sparkling wine.

May 4, 1987: On this day, Chard Farm Winery, New Zealand was established; they were one of the first wine producers in the Central Otago region. Chard Farm owns five vineyards on their estate, all located in the Cromwell and Gibbston districts. They are experts in producing Single Vineyard pinot noirs, such as the Tiger, the Viper, and MkII, and pinot noirs unique to particular sub-regions, such as the distinctive Mata-Au pinot noir, which comes from the Lowburn sub region.

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