May 29, 1939: On this day, Danica d’Hondt was born. She is an actress, writer, Miss Canada competition winner, and entrepreneur of English-Canadian descent. D’Hondt is married to Nello Olivo, a businessman, and winemaker, and the couple has six children together. She is involved in the operation of their Sierra Foothills vineyard.

May 29, 1984: On this day, Carmelo Anthony was born. He is a professional basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers team, a repeat NBA All-Star, and is considered one of the best scorers in the sport. He is an enormous fan of wine, and built a cellar in his residence in New York City.

May 29, 2014: On this day, the documentary Natural Resistance was released in Italy. Directed by Jonathan Nossiter, who made Mondovino, this film focuses on the stories behind four Italian winemakers: their struggles, ideals, and passion for making a more ethical wine industry.

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