May 29, 1453: On this day, Constantinople was taken over by the Ottomans, and eventually all of Greece. After Constantinople fell, wine production and trade started to move at an atrophied, sluggish pace. While some vineyards were simply kept in production for tax purposes, others fell into disrepair, and only the monasteries preserved their meticulous winemaking methods. Evia, Lokris, and Megara, among other places, were noted as still actively engaged in winemaking at that time, in addition to the Aegean islands.

May 29, 1939: On this day, Danica d’Hondt was born. She is an actress, writer, Miss Canada competition winner, and entrepreneur of English-Canadian descent. D’Hondt is married to Nello Olivo, a businessman, and winemaker, and the couple has six children together. She is involved in the operation of their Sierra Foothills vineyard.

May 29, 1984: On this day, Carmelo Anthony was born. He is a professional basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers team, a repeat NBA All-Star, and is considered one of the best scorers in the sport. He is an enormous fan of wine, and built a cellar in his residence in New York City.

May 29, 2014: On this day, the documentary Natural Resistance was released in Italy. Directed by Jonathan Nossiter, who made Mondovino, this film focuses on the stories behind four Italian winemakers: their struggles, ideals, and passion for making a more ethical wine industry.

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