May 26, 1835: This date marks the marriage between Mary Holt and Christopher Penfold. Together they co-founded Penfolds Winery.

May 26, 1960: On this day, Stuart Pigott was born. He is a wine reviewer and author from the United Kingdom who is involved in the German wine industry, mostly writing in the language about German wine.

May 26, 2018: On this day, Hailstorms ravaged French Bordeaux vineyards. According to producers, violent hailstorms destroyed thousands of hectares of vines and severely damaged hundreds of vineyards in the Bordeaux wine region in southwest France. Due to late frosts, the Bordeaux area had just seen one of its worst harvests ever, with a 39% year-over-year reduction. This resulted in a rise in pricing. Injuring the Pessac-Leognan area and the south of Medoc, home to some of the country’s most known wine regions, the hail first impacted the region’s south around midday, according to Bernard Farges, chairman of the Bordeaux producers’ group CIVB. Many sub-regions were devastated. Hail also damaged Cognac’s vineyard. Officials state that initially, out of a total of 70,000 hectares, 10,000 hectares (24,710 acres) were damaged.

May 26, 2022: Chardonnay Day. Rick Bakas started Chardonnay Day on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend in 2010, and it has grown since then. White wine is made from the green grape varietal chardonnay. Although the grape kind was originated in the eastern French vineyards of Burgundy. However, it is now planted all over the world: from England to New Zealand.

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