May 12, 1838: Samuel Marsden passed away on this day. He was an influential figure in the Church Missionary Society and a clergyman for the Church of England in Australia. He was acknowledged for bringing Religion to the country of New Zealand as well as his administrative roles as the town’s senior Church of England religious leader and as a pioneer of the Australian wool industry, Marsden was a substantial figure in the early history of New South Wales and Australia. He was also criticized for using convict labor for farming and his decisions as a Parramatta magistrate at the time. In 1819, Samuel Marsden planted the first grapevines in the Bay of Islands.

May 12, 1962: On this day, Emilio Estévez was born. He gained notoriety for his acting career in the 80s, as he appeared in such movies as The Breakfast Club and The Outsiders. He is Charlie Sheen’s older brother. Estévez owns Casa Dumetz in Santa Ynez Valley, California, which he runs with his partner Sonja Magdevski.

May 12, 1982: On this day, Edna Valley AVA was certified and established. The region is notable for its long growing season – the longest among California AVAs.

May 12, 1982: On this day, Lancaster Valley AVA was certified and established in Pennsylvania. The viticultural area suffered greatly from dire circumstances including capricious weather, and has therefore only recently become home to enough wineries to fulfill its potential.

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