May 10, 1525: On this day the Tamasi Treaty was established in Greece. The residents of the inaccessible regions in Thessaly’s Agrafa mountain range gained autonomy through the Tamasi Treaty. By combining the first “liberated” Greek vineyard with the inability to sell the wine it produced and its expertise in copper smithing, Agrafa locals who had relocated to Thessaloniki created the groundwork for distillation. These elements contributed to the development of distillation in Mount Athos and Constantinople.

May 10, 1940: On this day, France fell to the Nazis. The German soldiers quickly began pillaging one of the French people’s most prized possessions: their wine. Winemakers, like others in the French Resistance, organized to fight the occupiers, and as the Germans closed in, they devised innovative and often risky means to hide their products.

May 10, 2003: Chateau de Loei gained its geographical indications (GI) protection products on this day. The vineyard known as Chateau de Loei may be found close to Phu Reua, located in Loei province in the northeastern part of Thailand. The pioneering private-industrialist building company Chateau de Loei was responsible for the production of Thailand’s very first premium wine, with the first vintage taking place in 1995. The area is responsible for producing essential grape types, including Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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