March 28, 1658: On this day, the first enslaved, privately owned workers arrived in Angola. Angola transitioned into a slave society and economy, as wine and wheat production were performed by enslaved laborers and supervised by merchant firms.

March 28, 1890: On this day, Washington State University was established. This university offers two separate undergraduate degrees in the field of wine, namely Viticulture & Enology and Wine Business Management.

March 28, 1989: Santa Clara Valley AVA was established. It is a large AVA encompassing more than 330000 acres with 1500 acres and vines. The AVA is located in Santa Clara County and boasts diverse soils ranging from granite to limestone-based and may contain near-perfect minerality. The AVA is known for its premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel wines. However, the AVA has recently adopted the ‘Silicon Valley’ name due to its superior technology.

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