March 2, 480:  On this day in 480, Benedict of Nursia was born in Central Italy. Benedict is the direct inspiration and namesake for the Order of Saint Benedict. Benedictine monks held an enormous role in the preservation and cultivation of vineyards during the medieval era in Europe, and served as the foundation for much of the continent’s wine culture and traditions.

March 2, 1978: On this day, Ntsiki Biyela was born. She is the owner and winemaker of Aslina Wines in South Africa. She was previously the lead winemaker of Stellekaya Wines, where she made history as South Africa’s first black female winemaker.

March 2, 2014: On this day, Berlin International Spirits Competition was founded, as one of a series of global competitive festivals centered around alcohol.

March 2, 2015: Gordon M. Shepherd published an in-depth explanation of the way the brain creates flavor by factoring in environment and preconceptions, specifically in the case of wine enjoyment. The paper is available to read from BioMed Central’s Flavor Journal.

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