March 13, 1435: The Hessische Bergstrasse region’s Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen’s storage inventory contained the oldest known record of Riesling, dating March 13, 1435. The Riesling grape is a white grape varietal that is native to the Rhine Valley. The floral, almost perfume-like aromas and strong acidity of the riesling grape varietal make it a highly aromatic grape. White wines made with it can be made to be dry, semi-sweet, sweet, or effervescent. Typically varietally pure and infrequently aged, riesling wines are made.

March 13, 2022: On this day International Riesling Day is celebrated annually. This resilient, versatile grape from Germany provides a notable acidity that pairs well with many foods. Rieslings are known to be one of the world’s favorite kinds of white wine.

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