June 2, 1851: On the day the Maine Law was passed. On June 2, 1851, the state legislature of Maine passed a law that altogether prohibited the production of alcoholic beverages and their sale. This move was spearheaded by Neal Dow of Portland, recognized globally as the “Father of Prohibition.” This so-called “Maine Law” continued to be enforced, although in a modified form, all the way up until 1934 when national Prohibition was finally overturned.

June 2, 1975: On this day, Jeb Dunnuck was born. Based in Colorado, this wine critic founded his own website to share his thoughts, reviews, and critiques of wines from France and the West Coast of the United States.

June 2, 2019: On this day, as emotions rise amid a divisive national debate over land ownership, a South African farmer whose property in the Stellenbosch wine region had been inhabited by shack dwellers since the year before was shot and killed in his home. Stefan Smit was killed by four perpetrators after they broke into his home, according to police spokesman Lt. Col. Andre Traut. The most renowned wine area of South Africa is where Mr. Smit’s property is located, roughly 30 miles east of Cape Town. Colonel Traut stated that Mr. Smit’s wife and a family friend were also present during the incident and lived, adding that the suspects fled with personal property.

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