June 18, 1913: On this day, Robert Mondavi was born. After leaving his role in his family’s business at Charles Krug Winery, he founded his own winery in Napa Valley. The wines he produced through Robert Mondavi Winery defined a new era in American wine, especially in California. He set a standard for quality, process, and taste that many follow to this day. For more on Robert Mondavi, see our other posts.

June 18, 1994: On this day, the European Union and Australia reached a trade deal in which Australian wines were granted preferential tariff treatment due to the pact. As part of the agreement, Australia will now be required to specify the places of origin for its wine and will no longer be allowed to use generic European wine names like Burgundy and Champagne.

June 18, 2022: International Drink Chenin Blanc Day. This day was established to celebrate the white wine grape from the Loire Valley in France, It’s a favorite among wine fans thanks to its naturally strong acid and ability to adapt to diverse styles and levels of sweetness.

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