June 13, 1897: On this day, Maurice O’Shea was born in North Sydney, Australia. After studying at Montpellier University, and then subsequently in France, he began working at his family’s vineyard (which he named Mount Pleasant) and making small-batch vintages of wine that ended up greatly impacting the Australian wine industry. His mastery of his craft led to the inauguration of the Maurice O’Shea Award in 1990, 34 years after his death.

June 13, 1938: On this day, Laurence Graff was born. A jeweler by trade, he founded Graff Diamonds and is now a billionaire due to its success. He also is the owner of the prestigious Delaire Graff Estate, which has often been recognized in recent years as one of the highest-quality wine estates in the world.

June 13, 1974: On this day, Valeri Vladimirovich Bure was born in Moscow. He is a former professional ice hockey player who retired in 2005. He owns Bure Family Wines with his wife, actress Candace Cameron of Full House fame.

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