July 31, 1905: The French Governer-General of Algeria, Charles Jonnart, collaborated with a British partner to sell a huge volume of Algerian wine in London. Algeria had previously been restricted to French markets. The ensuing uproar in France over this market shift led to the origins of appellations being listed on wine labels.

July 31, 1978: Zac Brown was born. He is most widely known for his eponymous country band, the Zac Brown Band. He is the co-founder and proprietor of Z. Alexander Brown winery, along with veteran winemaker John Killebrew.

July 31, 1987: In this year, International Pinot Noir Celebration was launched. The IPNC is an extravagant weekend-long celebration in Oregon of one of the world’s most popular red wines, featuring tastings, seminars, tours, and even an open-fire salmon bake.

July 31, 2007: On this day, the Lavaux vineyard terraces, on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, were declared a World Heritage Site. According to the UNESCO website, “The area was ruled by Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries in the 11th century, which is when the current vine terraces were first built. It is a superb illustration of how people have interacted with their environment for ages. There is some proof that the region had vineyards throughout the Roman era. It was created to use local resources in order to produce a highly valued wine that has always been vital to the economy”.

July 31, 2012: Hexi Corridor Wine gained its geographical indications protection on this day. The Hexi Corridor is a region in China’s western Gansu province.

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