July 13, 2020: Delaire Graff Estate was announced as the best vineyard in Africa by World’s Best Vineyards. It was the only estate in Africa to make the top 50, and was the highest climber of the year by rank. Located in Stellenboisch, the estate also features multiple restaurants, a spa, and hospitality services.

“The steeply sloping vines are cooled by a sea wind, which gives the grapes a deep richness of fruit. One of the most prominent wineries in the southern hemisphere is Delaire Graff. They have a unique terroir since they are located on the Panoramic Helshoogte Pass crest. World-class clarets and red wines with delicate tannins and finesse are produced as a result of an extended, gradual ripening season. Freshness from the crop is captured in the white wines, which complete an exquisitely balanced range together with an enticing rosé and a sparkling brood.”

Did you know: Stellenbosch, founded in 1679 and meticulously restored, is the country’s second oldest city. The Cape Dutch architectural style that dominated the area between 1650 and 1850, as well as the picturesque streets, transport visitors back in time. The city of around 20,000 people has a well-known university with a viticulture faculty. Because Stellenbosch is centrally located in the wine region.

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