January 8, 482: On this day, Severinus of Noricum died. Saint and “Apostle to Noricum” Severinus of Noricum is well-known. He might have been born in the African Roman province or Southern Italy, according to rumors. Before his appearance in Noricum along the Danube following Attila’s death in 453, Severinus himself steadfastly declined to share his background. He did, however, make mention of his encounters with eastern desert monasticism, and his biography establishes Severinus’s relationship to Saint Anthony of Egypt.

January 8, 1918: On this day, KWV Winery was founded. One of the largest in the world, the KWV cellar complex in Paarl spans over 22 hectares. With its renowned Cathedral Cellar, first-rate wines and brandies, and interesting history, KWV has become one of the most renowned wine companies in the world. This winery will leave you with a lasting remembrance of the people, tales, and goods that made it so. A variety of tasting possibilities, frequent cellar tours in both English and German, sparkling wines, natural wines, fortified wines, liqueurs, and brandies are all available at the KWV Wine Emporium.

January 8, 1983: On this day, Howell Mountain officially gained American Viticultural Area (AVA) status. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel produced in the Howell Mountain region are among the most lauded in California due to the strong flavors and tannins that characterize these varietals. Howell Mountain was the first sub-region in Napa Valley to be awarded the status of an AVA.

January 8, 2021: On this day, the first Palm Springs Pinot Festival was held. The annual Palm Springs Pinot Festival is a high-end, high-class occasion. It gives attendees the chance to talk with winemakers, try new wines, and learn about some of the top California Pinot Noir growers. Palm Springs, the famous and coveted wintertime desert getaway, becomes Pinot Noir Central. The main objective of is to inform wine enthusiasts about the merits of premium California Pinot Noir as well as the artisans and the production process that go into making it.

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