January 6, 1862: On this day, Dr. August Oetker was born. He was the founder of the Dr. Oetker company, now one of the leading food industry employers in Europe. He was also a multitalented scientist and inventor who patented the first widely successful recipe for baking powder. The Dr. Oetker company now owns Schloss Johannisburg, a winery that has been operating for approximately 1,200 years, and in the modern era (since 1720) solely produces Riesling.

January 6, 1887: On this day, Manuel María González, founder of the Tío Pepe winery, passed away. González founded the winery in 1835 and named it after his nickname for his uncle and wine making mentor María Ángel y Vargas. Tío Pepe focuses on sherry wine and distinguished itself by marketing the wine to be consumed alongside food. Currently, Tío Pepe is part of the company González Byass.

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