January 1, 1949: On this day, the Shaanxi wine region was established in eastern China.

January 1, 1973: On this day, Wine Warehouse was founded. Wine Warehouse is a California-based company that distributes wine, beer, and spirits from 104 American wineries. Wine connoisseurs Bob and Jim Myerson founded the firm in 1973 as an importer, seeing an opportunity to deliver good wine to a new and fast-developing market. A single container of Burgundy was their first shipment from abroad. By 1978, the firm had established itself as a supplier of fine wine from across the world, as well as representing about half of Napa Valley’s bonded wineries. The company, which began with two brothers, has expanded to over 600 workers with sites in both southern and northern California.

January 1, 2001: On this day, Denis Horgan, founder of the Leeuwin Estate, was awarded the Centenary Medal for his contributions to the development of wine in Australia. The Leeuwin Estate is one of the premier wineries in the Margaret River wine region, setting the standard and identity for many of the wineries that followed its founding.

January 1, 2003: On this day, G3 Enterprises was founded. It is located in Modesto, CA. From grape to glass, G3 offers a fully integrated packaging solution. The organization employs a comprehensive, sophisticated analytical approach to support clients throughout the production process, utilizing the nation’s most seasoned collection of professionals. Its expert technical teams can assist identify issue areas and deliver solutions, whether it’s an application problem, a new product packaging, process enhancement, or problems before or during bottling production. At the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, G3 Enterprises showcases several innovative cost-effective solutions, services, and locations aimed at giving wineries and viticulturists additional alternatives and convenience to increase their operating efficiencies.

January 1, 2012: On this day, The Winemaker: George Fistonich and the Villa Maria Story was published. Kerry Tyack regales the life story of George Fistonich, founder of the Villa Maria Winery. Considered a leader for New Zealand wines, and one of the most decorated winemakers in his country, Fistonich started his wine project more than 50 years ago “at just 21 years of age, [when he] leased five acres of land from his father in Mangere, Auckland and started off with just an acre of vines” (Villa Maria website). The book tracks his rise in prominence and shows how he sculpted one of the most well-respected family-run vineyards in the world.

January 1, 2016: On this day, SOMM: Into The Bottle was released. The film features sommeliers Ian Cauble, Brian McClintic, Dlynn Proctor, and Dustin Wilson who all appeared in the first SOMM film.

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