February 6, 1922: On this day, Henri Jayer was born. Jayer is an acclaimed winemaker who produced small-batch vintages in Burgundy, while innovating farming techniques and environmental approaches specific to the area.

February 6, 1981: On this day, the Napa Valley received its designation from the United States government and was recognized as American Viticultural Area. The industry of producing wine in Napa County has expanded significantly since the mid-70s. Napa County was home to 45 wineries in 1975, but by 1980, the region was home to more than 100 wineries. Napa Valley was the first region in California to be classified as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 1981, and the second region to gain this status in the country as a whole.

February 6, 2004: On this day, at a Sotheby’s auction in London, a bottle of Krug 1929 autographed by Henri and Remi Krug sold for $2,100. Henri Krug, the 76-year-old former chairman of his family’s famed Champagne company, died in 2013. He was the company’s CEO from 1977 to 2002, and he was responsible for establishing Krug’s current stature and distinction among Champagne’s elite, both before and after LVMH’s 1999 takeover.

February 6, 2004: On this day, an agreement between the European Community and Canada on trade in wines and spirit drinks was passed. The treaty’s goals were to facilitate and encourage trade through legal consumption of alcohol in both Canada and Europe.

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