February 14, 1387: On this day, King John I of Portugal wed Philippa of Lancaster, a descendant of John of Gaunt, the first Duke of Lancaster. The long-standing relationship between Portugal and England was always built on the idea of defending each nation’s political and economic interests regarding its neighbors. The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance was consummated by the marriage. Before this, the alliance provided logistical support, such as the provision of crossbows, to ensure Portugal’s decisive victory in the Battle of Aljubarrota in the year 1385. This victory was legally recognized by the Treaty of Windsor in 1386 and was an important part of the wine trade between the two nations.

February 14, 1763: John James Dufour was born in Switzerland. He was raised in a district involved with wine making and had a passion for the industry from an early age. When Dufour was 33 years old, he went to America with hopes of growing wine on the continent. After searching through many states, he decided on Kentucky for its climate, and founded his First Vineyard in 1801, which kick-started the nascent wine making industry in the states.

February 14, 1972: On this day, Drew McQueen Bledsoe was born. He is a retired American football quarterback who was the face of the New England Patriots for nearly a decade of his 14-season career. He founded Doubleback Winery post-retirement, in 2007. The winery ran with collaboration from Chris Figgins until 2014, and Josh McDaniels afterwards.

February 14, 1977: On this day, François Perrodo was born. He is a French billionaire, and aside from running his family’s company Perenco, he owned Château Labegorce.

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