December 4th Every Year: On this day, the world celebrates Cabernet Franc Day, which Lori Budd created in Exploring the Wine Glass in 2015.

December 4, 1638: On this day, the French monk Dom Pierre Pérignon was baptized. Now the source of the name for Dom Perignon champagne, he acted as cellar master in Abbey Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers and not only developed and influenced the early production of champagne in France but also upheld and epitomized the long tradition of Benedictine viticulture during the medieval era.

December 4, 1887: The National Prohibition Party is formed on this day. This third political party was founded on the sole premise that they would fight against the distribution and use of alcoholic beverages.

December 4, 1981: On this day, McDowell Valley AVA was established. The McDowell Valley AVA is a tall bench land that is 1,000 feet above sea level and was made an appellation in 1987. Only 540 acres make up this beautiful valley in the southeastern part of Mendocino County. It looks out over the Russian River to the west.

December 4, 1981:On this day, Sonoma Valley AVA was established and certified. The Sonoma Valley AVA covers only the southeast corner of Sonoma County, roughly encircling the Sonoma Creek watershed, which starts in the Mayacamas Mountains near Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and drains into San Pablo Bay. The city of Sonoma is in the middle of the Sonoma Valley.

December 4, 2015: Pegatron Wine received its GI protection on this day. On the same day, Turpan Wine also gained its GI status and was recognized as one of the Chinese wines located in Xinjiang. Although Xinjiang is one of the nation’s major producers in terms of volume, the province’s rugged and hilly geography makes it highly expensive to move goods into and out of the region.

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