December 1, 1834: On this day, slavery was abolished in the United Kingdom. The British Houses of Parliament enacted the Slave Emancipation Act in 1833: Although slavery was legally abolished on December 1st, 1834, slaves continued to serve as their masters’ “apprentices” for an additional four years. As “free men who depend on employment for sustenance and on character for employment,” according to the colonial authorities, they would have a role in society. To “escape the bonds of farm labor,” freed slaves left their previous owners when they were emancipated.

December 1, 1946: On this day, CK Mondavi & Family was founded by Italian immigrants Cesare and Rosa Mondavi. CK Mondavi & Family asserts that their wines are “the first and only to be 100 percent Made in USA Certified.” The 75-year-old Napa Valley-based company physically pours out its patriotism by sponsoring the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (IFHF). This project aims to set up clinics where military members with brain trauma (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other disorders can get help. More than $215,000 has been donated to IFHF by CK Mondavi & Family. Also, the Purple Heart Foundation, which also works to help veterans and their families, gets money from the Purple Heart Wines red blend.

December 1, 1946: On this day, John Radford was born. He was a wine and food journalist and presenter from the United Kingdom, with a focus on Spain. He went to Stamford School in Lincolnshire for his education. After working in the food and beverage business and retail, Radford’s writing career began with children’s comics, primarily for D. C. Thomson & Co. in Dundee, with the Judy comic for girls, for which he produced a large number of annuals and the weekly paper from 1978 to 1985. He also wrote for other magazines, like the Dundee Sporting Post, where he wrote a collection of stories about Dixon Hawke the Dover Street Detective. He also wrote for the Dundee Sporting Post’s science fiction series Starblazer. He passed away on October 19, 2012.

December 1, 1975: The Mornington Peninsula National Park was established. Located in Victoria, Australia, Mornington Peninsula is home to a number of well-respected wineries, and is known for the quality of its pinot noir.

December 1, 1999: On this day, SNI 01-6104-1999 (ICS Code: 67.160.10) was enacted, and it was also on this day that the blueprint for the Anggur fortifikasi/Fortified wine was uncovered. Both of these events took place on December 1, 1999.

December 1, 2014: On this day, a trademark application was filed for WINESEUM by the California Wine Museum with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Nine galleries and 4,000 square feet of “interactive and immersive exhibitions” about the US wine business may be found at California’s Wineseum. Its goals are to “preserve and exhibit” California’s wine legacy, inform tourists about environmentally friendly grape production, and develop “sensory experiences” to promote people’s enthusiasm for both food and wine. The California Wine Museum serves as a nexus for the wine world, conducting forums, talks, classes, seminars, and other events in addition to giving visitors the chance to taste a variety of California wines through unstructured tasting sessions and guided classes. Over 1,000 historical artifacts are included in the museum’s collection, which was put together by Jim McCormick, a longtime collector, antique trader, and expert in wine and viticultural antiquities.

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