Eighty percent of the wine consumed in the United States is produced in California, the nation’s top wine-producing state. In 49 of the 53 counties, there are many vineyards that are being farmed. Currently, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade department has approved 266 AVAs. In California, there are more than half of these AVAs. Investigate these areas and the dates when they received formal AVA certification.

  • 9/23/1981

    San Pasquale Valley AVA was established

    AVA stands for American Viticultural Area, and it is located...
  • 11/19/1981

    Guenoc Valley AVA was established

    A smaller inland AVA in California’s Lake County AVA is...
  • 12/4/1981

    McDowell Valley AVA was established

    The 540-acre McDowell Valley AVA is situated in Mendocino County’s...
  • 12/4/1981

    Santa Cruz Mountains AVA was established

    An American Viticultural Area named after the Santa Cruz Mountains...
  • 12/4/1981

    Sonoma Valley AVA was established

    An American Viticultural Area known as the Sonoma Valley AVA...
  • 5/12/1982

    Edna Valley AVA was established

    The rural town of Edna, which is north of the...
  • 6/4/1982

    Lime Kiln Valley wine region was established

    In the greater Cienega Valley AVA in San Benito County,...
  • 1/27/1981

    Napa Valley wine region was recognized

    As of January 1981, Napa Valley was officially acknowledged as...
  • 8/5/1981

    Santa Maria Valley AVA was established

    In the farthest north of Santa Barbara County is the...
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