August 30, 1812: On this day in 1812 Agoston Haraszthy was born. He was a Hungarian who immigrated to America and moved out to California as part of the gold rush of the late 1840s which brought tens of thousands of migrants to the region hoping to make their fortunes. In 1861 Haraszthy was sent back to Europe on a mission by the state authorities of California to bring new grape varietals back to the state from the Old World. The California wine industry was in its infancy at this point, but many people were aware of its potential, given the climate and other favorable factors in the state. Agoston returned in December 1861, incredibly bringing with him over 100,000 cuttings of more than 350 different grape varietals from across Europe. After he returned to California he distributed new varietals all over the state and founded the Buena Vista Winery himself. Unsurprisingly he is often referred to as ‘The father of Californian viticulture.’ For more, see the Sonoma State University Library entry on his life.

August 30, 1944: During this period, the commune of Epernay and the city of Rheims were liberated by the Third American Army under the command of General Patton. The Americans were greeted not only by relieved Frenchmen, but also by their secret collections of champagne that had been stashed in cellars and wells since 1940.

August 30, 2022: This day is celebrated as International Cabernet Sauvignon Day in honor of the popular red grape grown around the world.

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