August 10, 1889: The world’s first bottle screwcap was patented in the United Kingdom to Dan Rylands of Barnsley. However, this new technology did not materialize without any resistance, especially from the traditionalists. Manufacturers now resort to screwcaps to avoid contaminating wine with the TCA fungi, which is one of the risks of using natural corks. Over 90% of wine enclosures in New Zealand are products of screwcaps.

August 10, 1960: On this day, Antonio Banderas, a Spanish actor, was born. His professional film acting career has led to numerous awards, and even more nominations. His lead Hollywood roles in the early 1990s shot him into fame for U.S. audiences. He owns Bodegas Anta Banderas.

August 10, 2006: On this day, Marqués de Riscal inaugurated the Marqués de Riscal Hotel, a building with extravagant modernist architecture designed by architect Frank Gehry, as part of its wine-making estate.

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