April 24, 1920: On this day, “The Physician and Prohibitionwas made available. The publication focused on the question of whether the prohibition of the use of alcoholic beverages as beverages is morally justifiable or not, even though the vast majority of us think that it is one of the most beneficial acts that a legislature has ever enacted; instead, the question is how we can assist in the enforcement of this law, not only by obeying the rules and regulations that have been formulated by the authorities but also by actively devising ways and means that will make it easier to establish the new order.

April 24, 1992: On this day, Château Lafite Rothschild was featured in the movie The Year of the Comet starring Tim Daly, Penelope Ann Miller, and Louis Jourdan. Miller plays Margaret Harwood, a young wine connoisseur.

April 24, 1997: On this day, Pat Paulsen, a 69-year-old comedian, passed away in Mexico. In 1968, he had announced his presidential campaign on the Smothers Brothers TV show, and was put on the ballot in 1972. He founded Pat Paulsen Vineyards in Asti, California in 1971.

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