April 18, 1855: On this day, the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification took place at the request of Napoleon III. All of the wines in Bordeaux were ranked by brokers in order of importance. The red wine of Château Margaux obtained the highest denomination of Premiers Crus, and to this day produces high quality, expensive, luxury wines.

April 18, 1951: On this day, the Treaty of Paris was signed, which brought the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the forerunner of the European Union, into being. This had an immense impact on the Algerian wine industry. A little-known fact is that because Algeria was administered as part of the French département system, Algeria technically became part of the ECSC. This meant that the Algerian wine industry had access to a large market in Europe under favorable trade conditions for years to come.

April 18, 1963: On this day, Italy’s modern wine landscape began to take shape as the country introduced its first system for classifying wines originally based off of the French appellation system. The Italian DOC, however, includes region and production methods in its conditions for approval.

April 18, 2004: On this day, Berlin Wine Trophy was founded. The Berlin Wine Trophy (Berliner Wein Trophy) is Germany’s biggest wine tournament.

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