April 15, 1969: On this day, Ned Goodwin was born. He is an Australian-born English sommelier, educator, television host and judge, and consultant. Goodwin is notable for having earned the first Master of Wine certification in Japan in 2010. He is involved in a range of business ventures, including quality advisory for Biondi-Santi and running an import firm.

April 15, 1983: On this day, Arroyo Seco AVA was approved and established. Located in Monterey County, California, the appellation’s cool temperature is ideal for a number of grape varietals, and everything from Chardonnay to Viognier is grown in the region.

April 15, 1983: On this day, Cole Ranch AVA was established in Mendocino County, California. The smallest viticultural region in the country is Cole Ranch. It is less than a quarter of a square mile in size.

April 15, 1983: On this day, North Fork of Roanoke AVA was established. Located next to the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia, this region is home to the award winning winery Valhalla Vineyards.

April 15, 1983: The Santa Ynez Valley AVA was created on this date. This viticultural area boasts the highest number of wineries in the whole of Santa Barbara County.

April 15, 2010: On this day, the show Gran Reserva was released in Spain. The plot followed three wine making families in La Rioja. Among the well-known Spanish actors that were cast were Tristán Ulloa, Angela Molina, and Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.

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